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Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) Testing


PIM which is an abbreviation of ‘Passive Inter-Modulation’ is the creation of multiple signals, when multicarrier or complex modulation schemes consisting of large signals encounter a non linearity. PASSIVE Inter-modulation is present when passive elements such as connectors, couplers and filters exhibit some kind of non linearity. High power and complex waveforms in the presence of a non linearity, produces spurious (Noise) which often appear in the receiver band and interfere with wanted low level signal.

→ Dropped calls → Loss of coverage and capacity → High maintenance costs → Customer dissatisfaction → Lost revenue

RFS Sdn Bhd uses a process of elimination and a set of special test tools to detect and measure PIMs for a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). We shall provide a set of recommendation and test report, including replacement of components and re-engineering of the DAS to meet PIM compliance. The latest development on RFS products includes all types of RF components which are meeting PIM compliance standards. Our customers will have an option to order such products, where RFS Sdn Bhd will provide before and after test results on PIM values. Finally, we can also provide before and after off-air RF testing and benchmarking on PIM replacement of the DAS system.

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